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Someone dies in an auto accident every 13 minutes.
Will you be next?

Southern Oklahoma Safety Consulting also offers National Safety Council approved, Defensive Driving Courses.  The course is a comprehensive driver improvement program with a basic 6- hour curriculum offering practical knowledge and techniques to avoid crashes, and to choose safe, responsible and lawful driving behaviors.

The Rewards of Driver Improvement
After completing the course, you will receive a National Safety Council DDC Certificate of Completion and you will be eligible for two (2) points off driving record or ticket dismissal. Insurance companies in 34 states offer a reduction on insurance premiums to DDC graduates (check with your insurance carrier for availability).   If you sign up as a participant for DDC, you'll also receive our illustrated Participant Guide, with practical exercises and tips you'll refer to even after the course is over.
What You Will Learn

  • Driving defensively. You will learn to recognize the need for and benefits of defensive driving, and that defensive driving involves both legal and personal responsibility. You will be able to identify risky driving attitudes and behaviors, determine if a collision was preventable, as well as become familiar with the DDC Collision Prevention Formula.
  • Making safe choices. You will able to identify the benefits of occupant restraint systems, explain the effects of alcohol and other drugs on driving ability, and spot physical and mental driver conditions that may affect your driving. You will also be taught techniques you can use to maintain control in adverse driving situations.

  • Becoming aware of conditions. You will be presented with driving skills and techniques to use in avoiding collisions and violations caused by vehicle or driving conditions.
  • Hone your skills.  You will become familiar with the skills and techniques that allow you to avoid collisions and violations, and you will learn to spot the common types of driving errors that contribute to collisions. You'll be taught how to make safe and legal turns, evaluate and overcome the hazards of passing, and how to avoid a head-on collision.

Who would benefit

  • Experienced licensed drivers who want points removed from their driving record, thus reducing insurance premiums;
  • Organizations that want a driver improvement course for their employees; and
  • traffic violators required to take a driver improvement course by the court.

Didyou know

  • The average annual car insurance premium sold in 2010 was $1119.00.
  • One violation led to an average annual premium cost of $1,318, an 18% increase.
  • Two violations lead to average annual premium cost of $1,497, a 34% increase.  
  • Three violations lead to an average annual premium cost of $1,713, a 53% increase.     refer to:

A violation means any moving (traffic) violation such as speed, careless or reckless driving, running red lights, failing to yield or stop at a yield or stop sign, improper passing, making an unsafe U-turn, DUI, APC, and the list goes on and on.  

  • Traffic violations remain on your driving record for three years.     

        The cost is only $50.00 per person. 

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